Anyone who knows me knows if it takes longer than 15 minutes for me to get ready I’m probably going to throw in the towel and throw a t-shirt and leggings on and call it good enough. 

Tonight I got home from a few mile bike ride with my roommate, Stash to my other roommate in bed with some…. What looks like some of that sticky stuff you see on that Nickelodeon show… You know slime factor or whatever. I start laughing and she tells me, “you can’t make me laugh I have a peel on.”

This mind you is the roommate that I don’t even think owns mascara. 

Sarah insists we all come in and do this “black head peel” at the bitch cave we have several bathroom parties that become very entertaining… Stay tuned. Ok. Peel.
She makes us wash our face and puts a large glob of sticky mess in our hand and tells us to wait for it to dry. Ok fine. 10 mins go by and I’m certain I look like Catlin Gender on a bad day and start picking at my “peel”.  You know how on movies when the gal takes the cucumber off her eyes and peels a perfect mask off her face? Well that’s not at all how this works.. Not even a little. We start picking and pulling. It’s like putting duct tape on your skin letting it heat up for 10 mins and ripping it off. And not that knock off duct tape either. 

I’ve got what looks like super glue in my eye brows, a pile of black heads, skin, pores and who knows what else on my bathroom counter and a face redder than Rudolph’s nose. 

Some where someone along the line calls this “skin care”…  I suck at this my face hurts. GN