Heyyy, it’s me.
For years friends and family have asked I start blogging my life adventures. You know the things in life people act like they don’t care about then there they are hunting your Facebook page that is more locked down than a nuns… Well anyway. Now, you can just read allll about what I’m up to. On here. Daily. You’re welcome. 

I feel as if I should start with some “about the author” bullshit, but every  time I start writing about myself I feel like I’m typing ANOTHER stupid dating website autobiography. So I’ll just cut that out and save both of us the trouble. Here are some things you’ll read on here.

  • MY BLOG, MY RULES. Sweet right? Yeah I thought so too.  
  • My mini- My almost 7 year old BA child whom will be referred to as – C
  • Boomer adventures- who’s boomer?well he’s a 50$ bat that wears underwear my son INSISTED on having during our recent trip to Seattle.
  • Dieting aka hell.
  • Hunting & fishing- you know  killing things to eat.  
  • Exercise – mainly just complaining about it but whatever
  • Online dating – because have  I got some stories for you
  • Crafting – because fresh mix paint is amazing
  • Recipes- and not that bullshit where there are like 16 pages of what tempeture my house was when I started cooking. Stuff you need to make it and weather or not you should attempt to create it. 
  • Booze – wine, whiskey, vodka, and the occasional I accidentally drank tequila post. 
  • Family- my life lines
  • Adventures- dirt bikes, snowmobiles, hikes, trips, boats… Hoes speaking of hoes
  • Bitches- The people I can always depend on
  • Trig- the dog my sons dad “accidentally” bought while gun shopping 
  • Gardening- I’m attempting to keep up on that again this year. 
  • Swear words- Sorry Dad
  • Annnnndddd anything else I feel is relevant *see number one*